Zealous & Informed Advocacy to Individuals


Harrison & Dietz-Kilen, P.L.C.

For over 25 years, the lawyers at Harrison & Dietz-Kilen, P.L.C. have dedicated themselves to providing zealous and informed advocacy to individuals rather than corporations or insurance companies. Harrison & Dietz-Kilen, P.L.C. has a long tradition of protecting the prized liberties of every Iowan, as well as maintaining the rights of individuals when they are in jeopardy. 


Located in the East Village

Harrison & Dietz-Kilen, P.L.C. is a general practice law firm located in Des Moines' historic East Village. The Firm's general areas of practice include, but are not limited to, family law, adoption, probate, real estate transactions, employment law, estate planning, general litigation, juvenile law and appellate work.


Practice Areas

Family Law comprises the largest portion of the firm's practice.  This includes surrogacy, adoption, divorce, child custody, paternity and related areas.


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